General Medicine

  • It includes training in primary patient care and is the foundation for vital super specialties such as Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, etc.
  • This department provides the much sought after outpatient and inpatient services apart from providing comprehensive support to the intensive care units.
  • The department focuses on the method of micro-teaching, where one faculty member is allotted to a small batch of students. This allows for greater student-teacher interaction, and provides an edge in learning.
  • Students get to learn about the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrinal, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems in the body. The training also exposes them to the super-specialities of genetics, immunology, geriatrics and nephrology.
  • For UG students, problem-based learning approach forms the backbone of their training. They also participate in interesting various subject-specific activities on all days of the week.
  • The department has access to the Advanced Learning Center (ALC)’s Skills Lab where clinical skills are demonstrated. Simulation facilities allow students to observe as well as practice complex techniques.
  • The Department of Medicine also houses Cardiology division in our in hospital conducting various screening programs for high risk individuals to reduce mortality from acute heart attack.
  • Undergraduates can get acquaintance with Cardiology as a super-specialty within the subject of General Medicine.
  • In their training, they get to know about clinical manifestations of heart problems and signs and symptoms that may be reported. They also get trained in basic diagnosis.
  • In the first year, they are learning about complex cardiac diseases, how to run an OPD and how to perform Echocardiogram. In the second and third years, they learn the diagnosis and probable interventions.
  • Along with well-equipped ICUs and OTs, the department features adult and pediatric Echo facilities.
  • In addition, it also has a non-invasive facility for dobutamine stress echo and treadmill outfit.

Procedures Performed:

  • Therapeutic paracentesis
  • Bone marrow aspiration & biopsy
  • Central venous catheterization
  • HD access creation
  • Pigtail catheter insertion
  • Thoracostomy & ICD