The Department of Biochemistry seeks to advance the understanding of chemical structures and processes that constitute health and disease and underlie the transformations between these two states in the human body. It forms the foundation of basic medical sciences.

  • Department of Biochemistry is involved in teaching, conducting research and maintaining high standards in diagnostic services.
  • The Department of Biochemistry has the facility to conduct specialized tests for hormones, tumor markers, Vitamins, clinical toxicology and basic metabolic screening in labs that have the cutting edge technology analyzers. The faculty and students are encouraged to do research and publish scientific papers.
  • Department carry out investigations to rule out diabetes, cholesterol levels, renal function tests, liver function tests, anaemia, complete blood count, typhoid, dengue fever tests, etc.
  • The department invites clinicians to discuss case scenarios that integrate and highlight the role of biochemical mechanisms in health and causation of diseases. This promotes better clinical understanding among students and researchers.
  • The Biochemistry section of the Diagnostic Laboratory is well-equipped with state of the art facilities, latest equipments, and skilled laboratory personnel and offers round the clock services in an effort to provide quality health care service to patients.