The department of Physiology is a branch of medicine that deals with the study of function of the human body and the regulation of the different body systems. The department of Physiology at St. Peter’s Medical College Hospital and Research Institute, Hosur features well-equipped labs, high-Tech air conditioned lecture theaters, demonstration rooms, qualified & experienced medical faculty and technical staff.
  • The principle level of focus on physiology is that of organs and body systems.
  • It involves teaching undergraduate students Medical Physiology is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the integrated functions of the organ systems, which in turn helps understanding the basis of health and disease.
  • With respect to the knowledge domain, students get equipped with the knowledge of the coordinated body function, the relative contribution of each organ system to the maintenance of milieu interior, aspects of normal growth and development, physiological responses and adaptations to environmental conditions, the knowledge of the physiological principles underlying pathogenesis as well as treatment of disease.
  • With respect to skills domain, the students will be able to conduct experiments, designed for study of physiological phenomena and interpret experimental/ investigative data ,distinguish between normal and abnormal data derived as a result of testes, which he or she performs and observes in the laboratory
  • Students have access to a hematology lab, amphibian lab, mammalian lab and a clinical lab.
  • Additionally, there is a scope for neurophysiology, respiratory physiology are used mainly for research. An autonomic function lab also enables diagnostic patient care.
  • The department also has complete access to the cardiology & respiratory lab at the Hospital.