Medical Superintendent’s Message

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SPMCH & RI is engaged in Medical Education, Patient care and Research, all Socially accountable. SPMCH & RI is an amalgam of disciplines. Each of the disciplines, independently have very different course work for the students, different benchmarks of administration and assessment of performance. 

Our institution mainly emphasizes on empowering our students and highlighting their leadership skills by providing them a platform to enhance different attributes like communication skills, team building & collaborative work, planning & strategy building, vision, persistence, and determination. Our continued partnership will ensure that our pupils continue to learn, progress, and reach their fullest potential holistically.

We are conscious of the changing needs of Society; hence we are emphasizing on imparting Education and Training to our students beyond the prescribed syllabus to meet the current needs of the health Industry and make them responsible & disciplined citizens to serve the society. 

The current competency-based curriculum will be flexible enough to keep pace with changes that take place from time to time in the field of fast-growing Medical Sciences.

The hospital provides free healthcare in the basic specialties to the poor people of all sections of the Society.  At present the hospital is designed for 1000 beds and currently operates 665 beds covering OP and IP services to all broad specialties and some of the super specialties and thus providing excellent teaching material to the students and the researchers.  

 In a large measure, this popularity of this Institution since inception is because of the lofty ideals & deep sense of values that the Institution embodies along with an outstanding on-site training program.

I, as a Medical Superintendent of SPMCH & RI, heartily welcome each and every student personnel and wish them good luck !!

Dr. D S Vasudeva MD (Pathology)