Medical Director’s Message

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I wish that our Student’s educational journey is happy with wonderful experiences and beautiful memories to cherish. 

At SPMCH & RI, we have three priorities: to provide our students with modern educational facilities, to devise an imaginative but intellectually challenging curriculum that will make the students want to learn irrespective of tests and exams and to employ faculties who are knowledgeable about their areas of specialization and skilled in the art of getting the student to develop both curiosity and understanding. 

With well qualified and dedicated Medical fraternity, Paramedical staff and managerial support, the Medical college is committed to prepare our young aspiring Medical professionals to create a society free from the morbidity of infective disease burden with respect to all disciplines.  

Our institution is committed to developing socially responsible citizens in a safe, creative, and educationally challenging environment that encourages students to be clear about their values and communicate to the community, thus living up to follow the ethics in health profession. 

An MBBS graduate from St. Peter’s Medical College Hospital and Research Institute will be a doctor with sufficient knowledge, skills and understanding to fulfill his/her responsibility towards their patients and our society at large.

I, on behalf of the Management, take this privilege to welcome all the future Doctors to our Institution and Wishing you all the best in all your future endeavors.  

Dr R M Raja Muthaiah, MS MCh (Plastic Surgery)