Institutional Distinctiveness

To Reach The Unreached, To Serve The Unserved: A Rural Focus And Thrust

SPMCH & RI has a distinct locational advantage being surrounded by a diverse population, a unique blend of Urban, Rural, and Industrial set up in close vicinity. This diversity in target population has facilitated and catalyzed the enormous growth of the institution catering to a large population base of more than 10 lakh in its neighborhood and communities including underprivileged and marginalized strata of the society.  

With a strong foundation and impactful existence with core priorities of Quality Education and Health Care, St Peter’s Medical College has come a long way with distinguishing features raising the Institutional Stature. True to its Mission as Higher Education Institution it keenly focusses on the Holistic Development of Students providing them with opportunities and resources which has largely been possible due to its outstanding location. 

SPMCH & RI has a rich tradition and culture of promoting outreach and extension initiatives with active participation of students thus affirming a concrete step towards lifelong Holistic learning. Students are inculcated with ethical values and compassionate attitude towards all individuals and treat them with dignity and respect.

Institutional Social Responsibility is a prime focus area for St Peter’s Medical College and the abundance of rural backdrop gives impetus to its outreach and extension activities ranging from School Health programs to rural health camps and adoption of Villages. 

“Reach the Unreached, Serve the Unserved” is the goal with health initiatives that educate and support healthcare needs of deprived and marginalized section of society. It is also an opportunity for students to interact with masses and enrich their knowledge and experiences right from beginning of medical education which is instrumental in imbibing social values and creating an indelible impact in shaping their personality and career.

An updated infrastructure, expert manpower, cutting edge technology are all contributors to the growth of our Health care institution. St Peter’s Medical College has continuously striven for upgradation and boost of all these ingredients, result of which is an effective and affordable patient care to a constantly increasing footfall.

St Peter’s Medical College is also creating space for accommodating the creative talents in fine arts among students and is also providing a channel to express their hidden talents. Students are encouraged for public speaking and a separate social media platform (YouTube Channel) is being created for appreciation and encouragement. The motto of the Institution is ‘Inspiring Excellence’ for which continuous efforts are also in place.