The department of Microbiology actively involves in imparting the science of Microbiology with innovative pedagogy practices in medical education. It offers quality clinical diagnostic services to hospital. The core areas of medical Microbiology are immunology, serology, HIV testing and surveillance, bacteriology enteric & non enteric culture, mycology and parasitology, virology in our hospital setting.

Our laboratories have expertise with world class infrastructure and automation to function independently.

  • The vital aspects of infection control and waste management are brought to the foreground by this Department. Prevention, diagnosis and cure are the major areas that outline the training provided by this department.
  • This department is responsible for testing, teaching and clinical research.
  • The course focuses on infectious diseases, how they are caused and what needs to be done to treat them. The department often takes to problem-based training approaches like role-play and model-making to teach students.
  • High-end infrastructure in the form of multiple labs distinguishes the Department of Microbiology. There are 7 labs, each dedicated to the sub-streams of aerobic, anaerobic, TB, virology, mycology, serology and parasitology.
  • Students training under this department have access to the Central Research Lab, Central Museum, which integrates the disciplines of Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Anatomy and Forensic Medicine under one roof, creating an environment of integrated learning and new discovery.