The Department of Pharmacology at St Peter’s Medical College Hospital and Research Institute, Hosur has the following CBME core competencies.

  • Pharmacotherapeutics
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Experimental Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the study of how drugs interact with living organisms to produce a change in function. A medical science concerned with the safe and effective use of medicines, it encompasses drug composition and properties, interactions, toxicology, therapy, and medical applications.

  • As a department, Pharmacology explores the effects drugs have on the human body and how they can be used during the incidence of disease.
  • The learning for UG students involves both theory and observation. Students are encouraged to take up short-term projects to go deeper into the subject.
  • The Department has its own Pharmaco-Vigilance Centre through which reports are collected to provide evidence to the National Centre as and when needed.
  • The students can access to the Central Museum, which integrates the disciplines of microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, anatomy and forensics under one roof, creating an environment of integrated learning and discovery.