This department works closely with the other preclinical departments through horizontal & vertical integration to offer Medical doctors a strong foundation.

  • The department organizes several hands-on workshops on basic pelvic anatomy and internal artery ligation, and basics of human genetics in collaboration with other departments.
  • It conducts various academic competitions including model making, histology drawing and dissections for the undergraduate students.
  • Computer assisted learning (CAL) or skills lab allows students to create reports on their cadaveric studies more efficiently.
  • Along with a fully functional dissection hall, students are offered the opportunity for research activities.
  • The Cadaveric Research and Training Unit at the Advanced Learning Center further enhance students’ learning experience.

Core competencies

  • Cadaveric dissection
  • Video recording and demonstration
  • Histology tissue processing
  • Ordinary and special staining techniques
  • Museum specimen preparation
  • Tissue culture